Thu 28 Oct

Bean paste flower rice cake master course

앙금 플라워 떡 케이크 마스터 과정

앙금은 작두콩과 올리고당, 소금 등으로 만들어 집니다. 그 앙금을 사용하여 생화꽃 같은 작품을 디자인해보는 과정이며, 또한 한국의 전통 음식인 떡을 응용해서 만든 떡 케이크를 베이스로 앙금 플라워 케이크를 완성하는 과정으로 기존의 단조로운 단순한 떡케이크와는 차별화된 작품 디자인을 배우는 과정입니다.

Bean paste is made by a sword bean, oligosaccharide, and salt, etc. This class is the course using Bean paste , designing lifelike flower, and completing Bean paste Flower Cake based Rice cake which is korean traditional food.
The class provide a differentiated design in comparison with a existing monotonous rice cake.



Basic rose, bud, Leaf

Explanation for basic tools, Demo for cream,
sanding, and icing.

roes, Apple blossom, Camellia

Completing Num. 1 cake with a tidy and
balanced blossom arrangement.

Daisy, carnation, Chrysanthemum, Scabiosa, Mini rose

* Completing 4 cup cakes with arrangement harmonize with cup cake.
* After choice five colors, Demo for mixing color and applying.

Peony, Berry, Hydrangea, English rose, rose

* Completing wreath arrangement with a fitting flower size and balance.

Peony, Lamb's ear, Juliet rose, rose

* Using the point color with dark and vivid color.

Ranunculus, Tulip, Veronica spicata

* Wreath arrangement with cubic-effect.

Opium-poppy, dahlia, Christmas rose, Cape-jasmine, Helleborus

* Piping cup cakes with five colors harmonize with cup cake.

Anemone, Lisianthus, Bouvardia, Paeonia, suffruticosa, Artischocke

* Icing with using colors